Friday, April 15, 2016

The Top 3 Rides at Universal Studios Theme Park - Singapore

With the recent launch of the Universal Studios Theme Park in Singapore, it has provided a significant boost to Singapore's tourism industry.
The theme park is located in Resorts World integrated resort on Sentosa Island, which is right in the Southern tip of Singapore. Although the Universal Studios park in Singapore is much smaller than the ones you see in the United States, it still has quite a number of rides available.

<b>Here are my picks for the best rides at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Singapore.</b>
Battlestar Galactica
Out of all the other roller coasters in the theme park in Singapore, this is the only roller coaster that contains the loop the loop. Not only does it have the loop the loop, it is a dueling roller coaster, in which there are actually two separate tracks that crisscross each other and where two separate carriages will be running at the same time!

This is the world's tallest dueling roller coaster. Definitely you will have an intense adrenaline rush after riding on this!
Transformers The Ride
The newest attraction at Universal Studios Singapore is the Transformers 3D ride. It is one of the most innovative rides in the world, as it uses state of the art high definition 3D technology. Not only will you be experiencing the ride visually in three dimensions, there is a fourth dimension in which you are on a cart that actually is moving!

With this combination of 3D effects and moving cart action, you are submerged in a surreal environment with the Transformers! The storyline is that you are fighting alongside the Autobots to save the world from the evil Decepticons and supposedly the director of the recent Transformers movies, Michael Bay, did take part in the design process of this ride!

<b>Shrek 4D Adventure</b>
The Shrek 4D Adventure theatre is quite a great ride for the family. In this ride you are immersed in a fantasy tale with Shrek in which you follow him through his journey to save Princess Fiona. You are required to wear 3D glasses, as the movie will be filmed in three dimensions.

The seats in the theatre are each individually motorized to provide you the bumps and thrills that you will experience through this journey with Shrek. Because of the added effects from the moving seats it enhances the experience of the three dimensional movie you are watching on this ride.
One thing to keep note, is that you will get wet on this ride!
The Universal Studios Theme Park in Singapore has numerous rides for people of all ages. If you do get the chance, do come to this theme park in Singapore and you can then decide for yourself which are the top rides you think are the best!

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